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Booking Info:

The Blackbird Fields

Our Space

Auntie Mae’s is a small, basement bar. Our occupancy is 141 – split between the main floor (45), and the basement (96) where the bands play. There is no “stage” as we have low ceilings and open rafters. We provide a PA system (see below) and a very good sound engineer.


Talent gets paid via the cover charge (usually between $5 - $10). Wanna charge more? Convince us. We’re listening. Acts get 100% of the take at the door. We start the cover charge one hour prior to show time and end the cover charge with around 20 minutes remaining in the show. Acts are encouraged to sell merch and set up a tip jar to make more $$$.


We generally book no more than 2 shows per month but we’re willing to make exceptions for the right act. That being said, our calendar tends to fill up very quickly. We book no more than 6 months in advance to minimize the possibility of scheduling conflicts with the other events that happen in this college town setting. We do not book on Wednesdays and we try to avoid booking on Saturdays (we have to find times to be just an old timey dive bar).

Sound System

Our PA comes with a sound engineer and has a remote FOH. We have 8 XLR and 8 Line inputs, Shure mics, stands, lines, etc. If you have a DI you're used to using, please bring it. At Auntie Mae's, we stress ensemble playing, meaning that you adjust your volume so that you can adequately hear each other. Our sound guy will mic vocals and anything else that needs to be heard above that. Please send any special requirements at least a week ahead of time so we can make arrangements with you.

Still Interested?

Click below to send us a booking request email. Be as descriptive as possible and include any links to videos or websites that may be helpful. Also include the date that you are interested in booking and any other information that might help get your foot in the door.

Please know that here at Auntie Mae’s Parlor, we LOVE live music and we hope you’re not discouraged by any of the information above. We would like to have live entertainment every night but at this time that is just not a sustainable option. We are a small cog in an ever-changing machine and we must make decisions that keep our wheels turning. And we understand that you, as artists must make the same decisions. So, whether you are able to book a show with us or not, we wish you the best of luck.


“Creativity takes courage”

                                            – Henri Matisse

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